Update on manageable opportunities

It gets interesting

The macro situation

I don’t think the bullrun is over.

Market sentiment

Twitter just became bullish again. Elon is not one of us now. The “fundamentals”, which take the hypothesis that we will have a bullrun identical as 2017/2013 are intact and they preserve that positive market feeling.

Hasheur on twitter

Only 10% (at least on this survey) think that the bullrun is over. Great.

On-chain data

Specialist as William Clemente are overconfident. Only Ki Young Ju warned to not get overleveraged (which is good advice in any situation).

CryptoQuant All stablecoins — All exchanges netflow

We are getting an inflow spike, the last one this big was on February 3rd. Very interesting !

Moving P&L on whalemap

People are selling at a loss. But the amount of people cashing out for profit remains stable. The day the losses goes above the profits we will have to be careful. This day hasn’t come yet.


ETHUSDT on TradingView

That old trend line was godlike. It validated perfectly my price prediction of the last thread.

Just as a reminder, here was my prediction:

I feel so happy to have anticipated that.

I will set my entry @ 3135. Invalidation @ 2998. If we get below 2998 we will have gone below my trend and below 4h 200MA which would not feel good at all.

Time to get 1 complete ETH ?


My second favorite.

VETUSDT on TradingView

Excellent opportunity. That 0,15 resistance is strong, volumes are already getting lower. It has strong support from CT community and it has one of the best room to grow.

Entry @ 0,154, DCA @ 0,15, Invalidation @ 0,147.


One of the coins with the strongest resistance @ 1$:

CHSBUSD on TradingView

Look at those volumes !

Fundamentals are really great (little exchange, easy to use on mobile, great prices and a yield aggregator integrated similar to Yearn).

Under 1$ buys are gifts ! DCA @ 0,9$, Invalidation 0,85$.


AVAXUSDT on TradingView

AVAX looking strong. It respects that triangle very well. Fundamentals are really great: USDT will be on AVAX very soon and will allow people to benefit from their great infrastructure (low fees, speedy…).

Entry @ 33,3, Invalidation @31,5.


SNXUSD on TradingView

Good configuration. Alpha rumors on twitter that stakings privileges are going to be insane. The aborted breakout makes me think that some whales want to accumulate some more.

Entry @ 16, Invalidation @ 14,97, DCA @ 15,5.


I think it is already late for this one.

SRMUSDT on TradingView

I don’t like going into coins that are already out of their patterns, especially in troubling times ahead. The other coins are next to a support, this one could free fall to whatever next available support. I would’nt be able to set a pertinent stop loss. So either it goes to 8,X or I don’t enter.


If those trades go wrong, after the correction of last week, I think this will officially sign the beginning of the bear market. But not taking risks right now is not the best way to go: opportunities are outstanding !




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