Security: what’s up ?

The current situation

Actually, I’ve got coins on 3 different platforms:

Binance (48%)

Swissborg (50%)

Ledger Nano X (2%)

The wanted situation

Obviously the most secure situation would be to move all the coins on the Ledger.

But as of right now I’m averaging 1 ERC-20 trade a day. A Uniswap trade, at current costs, is 40$ (quite cheap actually this month compared to March). So one trade represents 0,6% of my entire portfolio, and in 1 week I would lose 4,2%. It is not financially viable.

But during the bear run and even during the next accumulation, I think it is quite important to move 100% on the ledger even if it is USDC tokens.


If we consider the bear run to start beginning of 2022, I think I should probably keep the distribution as it is right now. If I secure some serious profits (above 10k$) maybe it would be time to reconsider, but as long as I’m under this limit I should stay like this.

What else ?

The next security checks should be on which yield protocol I can have confidence in (YFI?) and which I should not even consider putting my coins onto.



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