ETH trade monitoring

This morning I woke up (thank god) and the market crashed because of Elon tweet. No big deal.

The huge opportunity is how he ended his message: Tesla wants to use cryptocurrencies but one that is environmentally not too impactful.

The one being the most logic @ the moment is ETH, if they happen to successfully migrate to PoS (which i think they will, maybe later than 2021 though).

So this story is to track how I will enter ETH.

09:00 first look

ETHUSD 15m on TradingView

Market began his crash today after midnight. We are now 8 hours after the tweet.

We are currently in an ascending triangle. Volumes are very, very low.

All Stablecoins: All Exchanges Netflow Hour on CryptoQuant

No huge inflow of Stablecoins on the exchanges.

09:42 first try @ breaking the triangle

ETHUSD 15m on TradingView

Very interesting. We are already down from my previous activated stop loss (3978). Limit buy @ 3840 looks very promising.

10:18 Final update

ETHUSD 15m on TradingView

Placed a limit buy @ 3840, which is on the lower part of the canal that we are in since 10 days. If it goes even more down, I will DCA. 3600 maybe ?



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