Blog comeback V2

I just bought a house which needed renovation. I think this is enough to convince that time allowed for other activities than “construction” work was very little.

Buying the house also hit my personal finances, and put a stop (at least temporarily) to my crypto roadmap. I also bought a new car, which I paid 20% of with my crypto earnings. Crypto earnings which I will have to pay tax on…

BUT, I am still committed to investing in crypto. I have not stopped following twitter and news articles on the subject, and I found some new protocols which I am interested into (ex:

In this article 2 main subjects:

  • 2022 roadmap draft: main objectives and planning
  • 2022 daily routine: steps and durations

2022 roadmap draft

2022 will define: if I now how to spot trends, how to trade short-mid-long term, and if I have the right connections (or am I subject to parasite noise ?)

So those are the objectives:

  • Reach 25% profit other 6 months, with at least 50 trades (by using either Paper Trading on TradingView (preferred) or 100€ on Binance (fees…))
  • Apply daily routine at least 3 times a week
  • Follow only 50 persons on Twitter
  • Once all of those conditions are met, put 2k€ on FTX and start investing

2022 daily routine

  • Paper trading review (2 minutes)
  • Tickers review (50 top MC) 4H & 1D (10 minutes)
  • Twitter review + identifying a tweet to decypher (anything light or su says)(5 minutes)
  • Identifying a new interesting project to follow (5 minutes)
  • Tradingview tickers watchlist update (2 minutes)
  • Paper trading action (5 minutes)
  • Bonus: BlockCrunch podcast (20 minutes, optional)

Total time: 30 minutes




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