Paper trading review

First frustration since some of my limit buys don’t fill over 24h (ex: FTT, BAL).

As a reaction: some market buys to invest almost 100% of the portfolio.

SAND very close to my stop loss… we will see how it turns out later on.

Very interested in CVX as it is in the lower area of its growth rhythm:

Paper trading review

My BAL limit buy @ 15.72 was not filled. A bit unforutnate since it could have landed a 23% in less than 4 days.

Paper trading action

Market buying 20% of SAND (@ 5.95). Time to get some action. THe token is on LT support, fundamentals are great, and I think on the macro side January is gonna be a good month. Let’s see how this plays out.


Placing a limit buy on FTT @ 38.2. Same TA as SAND, and I want to have a SOL player in my portfolio.

Last day of the year.

Paper trading review

Following Adams Cochran twitter threads ( I decided to invest in $BAL which seem close to support right now:

Putting a SL here have me thinking. I think BAL is a long-term play and since it is close to its ATL I don’t think it could go very much low. Maybe converting this SL into a DCA strategy should be better ?

For the other coins (KP3R, CVX, ETH, CRV, ALCX, ZRX, FXS, RBN), I’ll try to do a bit of fundamental analysis before jumping in (not for CRV, ETH and KP3R though since I am already quite confident)

Paper trading action

Today I identified interesting areas to invest in. I’ve not place my limit orders yet. Here are the areas:


  • Binance

Comment virer de l’argent sur Binance ? Comment investir en spot ? Comment trader ? Qu’est-ce que les futures et le levier ? Pourquoi est-ce que c’est risqué ? Qu’est-ce que les options ? Quelles sont les moyens d’épargner sur Binance ?

  • FTX, Swissborg, Coinbase

Quelles sont les avantages/inconvénients des différentes plateformes ?

  • Defi, wallet Ledger Trezor

Quel est l’avantage d’avoir un cold wallet ? Quelles sont les moyens de trader/épargner sur la DeFI

  • Trading

Comment savoir trader ? Ou trouver l’information (Twitter (Emperor, Byz), livres, podcast…) ? Quelles sont les sites afin de permettre une bonne analyse ?

  • Sources d’informations

Quelles sont les moyens d’avoir des informations on-chain ? Quelles sont les principaux indicateurs ? Ou trouver des informations fraîches ? Est-ce qu’il existe des youtubeurs solides ?

  • Autres ?

Paper trading review

Lost 2,17% since ETH touched my stop loss during the night.

The candle which hit my SL was predictable: volumes were very low, and if bulls wanted a new move upwards they needed to go even more down.

Tickers review

Focus on yesterday tickers opportunity.

LINK: good opportunities will show up beginning…

Tickers review

ETH BTC @ 0,079 support

ETH close to 3677 support (RSI @ 24 on the 4H !), BTC close to 46000 support (currently @ 47400)

We have just experienced a 10% in 2 days drop. I think a trade setup on ETH with 20% of portfolio, entry @ 3680, invalidation…

I just bought a house which needed renovation. I think this is enough to convince that time allowed for other activities than “construction” work was very little.

Buying the house also hit my personal finances, and put a stop (at least temporarily) to my crypto roadmap. I also bought a…

The rising of birds in their flight is an ambuscade ; Sun TZU

I’ve not written since the beginning of the downfall in May. Quite a lot has happened.

The main objective of this story is to check the current situation and to indicate which are the keys for future…

MA Cross Entry/Exit

So I created this custom strategy using pine language. You can configure two things: a cross MA to enter, and a cross MA to exit (if the the first cross hasn’t uncrossed…)

The main goal is to identify first on 4h timeframe which combination can give the best returns on…

Do not move up-stream to meet your enemy; Sun Tzu

I messed up

This week we are not even going to look at my BTC and ETH price predictions since they were destroyed.

BTCUSDT on TradingView

I posted that I was still bullish on the yellow arrow. Ugh.

How do we define a bull ? We…


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