31122021 Daily

Last day of the year.

Paper trading review

Following Adams Cochran twitter threads (https://twitter.com/adamscochran/status/1476652328736342023) I decided to invest in $BAL which seem close to support right now:

Putting a SL here have me thinking. I think BAL is a long-term play and since it is close to its ATL I don’t think it could go very much low. Maybe converting this SL into a DCA strategy should be better ?

For the other coins (KP3R, CVX, ETH, CRV, ALCX, ZRX, FXS, RBN), I’ll try to do a bit of fundamental analysis before jumping in (not for CRV, ETH and KP3R though since I am already quite confident)

Paper trading action

Today I identified interesting areas to invest in. I’ve not place my limit orders yet. Here are the areas:

GALA (Daily Bollinger Band compression)

So there will be a lot of action (or lack thereof) in Jan 2 I think.




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