30122021 Daily

Paper trading review

Lost 2,17% since ETH touched my stop loss during the night.

The candle which hit my SL was predictable: volumes were very low, and if bulls wanted a new move upwards they needed to go even more down.

Tickers review

Focus on yesterday tickers opportunity.

LINK: good opportunities will show up beginning of next year but not before (still 9% to go)

VET: same as LINK, still 7% to go

EGLD: same, 7% to go. May be earlier than the 2 others.

Macro outlook

I think we will start another leg up. Volumes have to go up again or it will not last long. Short term answers since we are right on that 2,214T support/resistance.

Paper trading action

No action today. Tickers on watchlist are not mature enough, and I don’t want to place a limit order a lot of time in advance since it could trigger it in a major downfall. Let’s wait a little bit.




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