29122021 Daily

2 min readDec 29, 2021


Tickers review

ETH BTC @ 0,079 support

ETH close to 3677 support (RSI @ 24 on the 4H !), BTC close to 46000 support (currently @ 47400)

We have just experienced a 10% in 2 days drop. I think a trade setup on ETH with 20% of portfolio, entry @ 3680, invalidation @ 3642 (1%), TP1 @ 4080 (10%), TP2 @ 4394 (20%) should be really interesting.

We’ve also had recent volume action on the 15min chart, with a strong uptrend as an answer. We may amke a double bottom in 1h approximately. Careful with the 3680 entry which may be too low.

LINK will also touch its 2 year support trend ! May be interesting tomorrow.

VET also close to its support trend, will have to take a look tomorrow.

EGLD @ 226, there seems to be godly support here. 9 touches, none broken.

Twitter review

OBV: on-balance volume

Green candle: total volume added to yesterday OBV

Red candle: total volume substracted to yesterday OBV

What can be learnt from this: OBV can be looked at as RSI. It bounces on some support lines and it is often a good indicator, at every time frame. But a trade can’t be decided nor denied only with OBV.

Paper trading action

ETH with 20%, as said further up. Entry finally placed @ 3719. Answers tomorrow !