02012022 Daily

Paper trading review

My BAL limit buy @ 15.72 was not filled. A bit unforutnate since it could have landed a 23% in less than 4 days.

Paper trading action

Market buying 20% of SAND (@ 5.95). Time to get some action. THe token is on LT support, fundamentals are great, and I think on the macro side January is gonna be a good month. Let’s see how this plays out.


Placing a limit buy on FTT @ 38.2. Same TA as SAND, and I want to have a SOL player in my portfolio.


For the rest, I think it is better to wait a little bit for a cool-off. Even if we may lose some opportunities (as we did with BAL…)

Objective is to end January with a portfolio @ +20% (currently @ 97.78)




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